Cubicle Fugitive Corporate Workshop Testimonial
“The @CubicleFugitive team had an amazing workshop put on today by Courtney McLeod and Adam McLeod. I’ve done many corporate training sessions in my time and this has been one of the best in facilitating communication, teamwork and how to solve problems as a team. I strongly recommend them.” Small Company Owner

Courtney has helped me make big changes in my life.  She has been a great listener and has challenged me to see things a different way and hold me accountable to put my plans into action!   She has helped me achieve better business performance that has translated into stronger results for my people as well.  On a personal front, Courtney has also helped me get my fitness in check and meet some of the health goals I had for myself.  I would certainly recommend Courtney to companies looking to increase the performance of high potentials or people who are looking to make big changes in their lives”  VP Corporate Client 

“I’ve wanted to write this testimonial for a while now. I’d like to blame procrastination for not doing this sooner but in reality I found it hard to condense in a few words all that I wanted to say about Courtney because there is so much. To start, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Courtney over the past year. In a cookie cutter world where you are expected to fit the mold of society I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to have someone like her in your corner.

 She is an incredible listener and because of this talent she can tailor fit your sessions to you. She does this by fully understanding where you are coming from and where you want to go. It isn’t until this understanding that she is able to help you create a plan to help you embark on the path that you seek. You may even surprise yourself and find in the process that there is an even better path to be on. She is your cheering squad, your support, your confidant, your guide and yes even your drill sergeant giving you that kick in the butt when you need it most. I know I certainly needed that.

It’s easy to see she truly cares about giving you her best, which in return makes you want to give your best. I look forward to continuing to work with Courtney with my own personal journey, as I know you will too.” Actor

Courtney has provided me a new way of thinking through my difficult situations. She is always there to motivate and support me when I most need it. Through my sessions with Courtney, I am grateful to have a coach that is not afraid to remind me of my priorities and responsibilities. She is a meaningful part of my life, and I am lucky to have her as my life coach.” Youth Professional

“Working with Courtney has been a great help both personally and professionally. I’ve been more focused and better able to identify, prioritize, and follow through on specific action steps to achieve my goals. Her thoughtful questions have frequently prompted new ways of thinking about tackling a problem and her positive energy and enthusiasm have helped keep me motivated.” Entrepreneur

“Working with Adam has been a very positive and interesting experience. He has helped me to tackle some significant challenges I’ve had with respect to clarifying not only my goals, but helping me to establish tangible steps to move towards them. The best part is that he hasn’t given me any answers, but rather, helped me to find the answers internally. Adam asks the hard questions. You know the questions you ask others, but don’t want to ask yourself. Adam has helped to guide me to my own solutions to my challenges, unlocking what has been there all along, but I was simply unable to see before his help.” Director Corporate Client 

Adam is a professional, easy to talk to and every conversation with him was a dose of energy.  I was constantly amazed at how he helped inspire me not through his own experiences but by helping me access my own.” Director Corporate Client 

“I would like to thank Adam for being my personal coach for 6 months. In this time Adam’s coaching had a major impact on my personal and professional life. Adam has introduced me to concepts of being present and living and working based on my core values and goals. His coaching has helped me refocus and prioritize my personal and professional life and provided me with tools to live a more fulfilling life.”  Corporate Client 

Adam has totally got me thinking and behaving ‘outside of my box’! His personal life coaching skills have truly changed the way I approach accomplishing my goals.  My skepticism held me back at first, but when I look back at what I have done this last year I can’t help but feel gratitude.  Thank you for putting me on a clear path.” Corporate Client

“Working with Adam has been life changing. Each session has been entirely different from the last, however, I always feel energized and ready to take on the world at the end. Our sessions are generally over the phone with no video yet Adam is able to pick up on slight changes in my voice and tone which enables him to pinpoint topics even I didn’t know I wanted to talk about on occasion. In a nutshell, Adam is brilliant and should be doing this work full time!” Corporate Client

Although the client list is confidential, Adam and Courtney’s clients have different backgrounds including: Actors, Entrepreneurs, Non Profit founders and Executives with experience at many top Canadian companies: